Industrial Video Production

When you need to tell your story in four minutes or less

Industrial Video Production Services

What we produce:
We create high definition video productions and time lapse sequences that tell a story in usually 4 minutes or less. We keep the viewer’s attention, cut to the chase and back it up with dynamic footage using camera jibs, gyro stabilizers, sliders, tripods and dollies.

Who We Produce It For:
We primarily work with manufacturers, construction firms, utilities and product distributors looking to expand their audience and get their capabilities out to potential clients. We have created video productions of factory capabilities, project documentations and safety procedures for our long list of industries.

Where Our Work Is Used:
Our productions are for company web sites, marketing materials, kiosk displays and trade show floors.

The Process:
It all starts with an idea and a script. Video production takes time and planning. Boston Motion can imagine the scope of the project, put it on paper and then produce it for the whole world to see!

We’ll light and mic your sales manager or put you in contact with a professional on-camera person. The choice is yours. You can write it, we can write it or we can use established copywriters that we have worked with for years.

Need voice over narration? We work with the best production house in Boston that provides us with the best talent in Boston.

So when you need a web video, capabilities video or a job tour, Boston Motion can shoot, edit and package your presentation.

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Videos (48%) are the preferred content format over other digital tactics (podcasts, virtual conferences and e-books) by a wide margin…according to the Content Marketing Institute.

Maybe it’s time to put your company in a video of its own.


We’d love to discuss your next project or four minute feature film!

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